Juiced Fuel


Schedule Fuel Delivery

Submitting a fuel request is fast and easy. Select a date & time, add an address for where your vehicle will be, then add your vehicle's details. Done!

Stay Notified

We'll send you text and email updates about the status of your fuel request so all you have to do is kick back and relax.

Get Juiced

After your car has been fueled, you'll be charged automatically and get notified immediately, hassle free.

Save Time

Schedule fuel deliveres when it's most convenient for you. While you're at work or at home, we deliver, so you can focus on what matters most.

Save Money

Avoid unnecessary detours and wear and tear on your vehicle. With competitive pricing, we make it economical for you to skip the pump.

Save Gas

No more driving around in search of a gas station. We come to you, reducing your carbon footprint.

Stay Safe

Social distancing and safety are more important than ever. Avoid crowded places and reduce contact by having your fuel delivered.

We're Growing!

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